Community Help Offering Independent Care and Effective Support

What is C.H.O.I.C.E.S?

Community Help Offering Independent Help & Effective Support!

This initiative of West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd launched in 2015 is committed to providing Support and Financial assistance to West Riding Freemasons his family and dependants throughout the Masonic Province of Yorkshire West Riding.

If you or family member believe you have a need or require support, please call the Helpline “

Call 24hrs 7 days a week!  Just leave your Name and Number.


What does it cover?

West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd is committed to provide assistance;

  • whenever a Brother, his family or dependants are in financial distress;
  • have an urgent need or
  • other immediate and pressing necessities.
  • telephone befriending service
  • care & support officer visits


Call 03449 02 02 20

How does it work?

Each CHOICES grant application will be considered on its own individual merits.

Our ability to provide immediate support and assistance is extensive and wide-ranging, in order to deliver help and relief to our needy and vulnerable Brethren in their time of privation, hardship, and distress.

  • The grant for a specialist reader has changed my life. I can now read letters and newspapers again.

  • Words cannot express my gratitude for the bathroom conversion, my life is so much easier now.

  • My request for emergency financial assistance was dealt with quickly, it has really helped me out.

  • The new wheelchair access ramp means that I am no longer housebound.

  • I am so grateful that my broken boiler was repaired very quickly as my house was freezing cold.

Who qualifies?

Generally, support is available to those shown below who are in need of help.

This list should be considered as a general indication. If you are unsure please approach your Lodge Almoner or call the 24hr Helpline 03449 02 02 20 

Freemasons of the Province of Yorkshire, West Riding.

  • Wives, partners, widows and other dependants of West

Riding Freemasons.

A “partner” is defined as someone who is living with a Freemason “as if married” or was doing so at the time of his death. This applies equally to same-sex partnerships.

A “dependant” is someone who is physically or financially dependent on a Freemason. There are no age limits, no qualifying period of membership for the craft.

Never Assume we cannot help!

How do I get help?

The first point of contact should be the Lodge / Chapter Almoner who are supported by the Provincial Almoner and his team of Assistant Almoners.

Their approach will be to ensure complete confidentiality of every enquiry.

Help can also be sought through the Confidential Help Line. Call the number below 24hrs a day, just leave your personal details and a contact number and one of the dedicated team will contact you.

The Helpline number to call is: 

WRMCL are committed to every Freemason in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding that need help or assistance has the support they need, If you believe you need help please contact and speak to your Lodge / Chapter Almoner.

Otherwise, you can always call the 24hr Confidential Helpline

call now :

If you have any concerns regarding any Choices matter, email

Peter Worth JP Choices Ambassador on

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